Hospitality Jobs That Allow You to Travel
Deb Ward / MARCH 29 2021

Hospitality jobs offer a wonderful opportunity to see the world while having a meaningful career with plenty of variety and speedy advancement. It’s one of the few fields that you can enter without any experience as long as you’re willing to work hard and enjoy providing excellent customer service, helping guests have the best possible experience.

Here are some of the options that can take you all over the world:

  • Event planner: Here’s a chance to reach out to groups and individuals to organize special business or individual trips and entertainment. As a planner, you’ll work closely with a client to decide where to hold an event and see it through its development and organization. Organizing trade shows, weddings, business conferences, and awards trips can mean plenty of travel and good pay while arranging for events in desirable locations.
  • Flight Attendant: In this job, you can be based anywhere and fly for free all over the world. You can layover in a foreign city, see the sights, take in the culture and return again and again to your favorite restaurants and haunts. When your route assignment changes, you’ll discover even more interesting places to experience and share with your crew, making memories all over the world.
  • Cruise Ship Crew: This job includes lots of travel and you’ll literally make a living traveling the world along with free meals and lodging. Similar to working in a resort, it means hard work and long hours, but the rewards can be generous, especially in the luxury cruise sector.
  • Traveling Housekeeper: Depending on where in the world you’d like to be, you can work in a private villa, guest house, Airbnb, upscale hotel, or even travel with an executive or celebrity family. You’ll likely work for free room and board, but some places will pay a small stipend. 
  • Gaming Dealer: Professional dealers are in demand on cruise ships, casinos, and resorts. You can showcase your particular talents to provide guests an evening of entertainment, betting, and playing at the tables.
  • Travel Chef: Here’s an opportunity for those who shine in the kitchen and love creating unique dishes and learning new cuisines. You can cook at summer and winter resorts, fill in on cruise ships or consider traveling with executives or celebs on their luxurious yachts.
  • Festival worker: Festivals are held routinely all over the world and many require large numbers of hospitality workers. You can travel to those events that interest you and provide services such as tending bar, preparing meals, organizing events or providing transportation. These jobs don’t pay much, typically, but you will get to experience the local cultures and travel with those who love a good time and share your interests.
  • Bartender: If you’re good at remembering orders and love to create unique drink concoctions, this may be an opportunity to travel to the finest resorts and live in paradise. International jobs can expose you to a variety of nightlife and cocktail scenes and give you a chance to mingle with people from all over the world. It can be a fun way to entertain people and make their experiences truly special.
  • Tour Guide: Especially if you speak another language, here’s your chance to share your specialty with visitors who are interested in learning more about local culture. It’s a great way to make new friendships or find travel buddies who are interesting and open to new experiences.
  • Camp Host: If you love the great outdoors and seeing the majestic national parks and special preserves, camp hosting may be for you. The job entails greeting guests, checking and maintaining campsites, helping out with educational programs, and some park maintenance. You can attend park ranger talks, hike, and camp on your own time, and stay in places you may not be able to reserve on your own. 
  • Hotel Manager/Worker: Of course, traveling to other areas or countries within your company’s hotel network is another way to see the world… especially when you work for a chain of hotels with plenty of locations to choose from. You may be able to do a year in another country or try another region of the U.S. while you’re deciding where you’d like to settle.