5 Ways to Boost Your Profile on Hcareers
Hcareers / FEBRUARY 08 2021

Your personal job seeker profile on Hcareers displays your information and credentials to prospective employers. It’s important to include all the relevant information you can to ensure you have a leg up on the competition.  

Your profile on Hcareers allows you to advertise the best of yourself, so be sure to take great care in filling out information related to your career history and skills. Below we’re highlighting some of the best ways to create an all-star job seeker profile on Hcareers.  

You can also optimize your profile with your resume or resumes.

1. Personal Video

Shooting a video allows you to show your communication skills and demeanor, providing a prospective employer more information about your background. This gives you a chance to show off your personality, which is particularly important for hospitality jobs that interface with customers regularly.  

Once you record the video, you are given the option to reject the video, re-record the video, or accept the video into your profile.  

Here are a few tips to consider when recording a personal video to boost your profile on Hcareers:  

  • Be professional: Dress as you would for an interview and maintain a professional look and feel. Pay attention to the background of your video and make it look tidy. Ensure that there is no outside noise that can be picked up on the audio by accident.  
  • Be brief – Your maximum video length is 2 minutes, however, feel free to record something shorter. An effective video can be around 30 to 60 seconds, as anything longer is likely to be unwatched.  
  • Know your employers – Consider your audience and the types of jobs that you are applying for when recording. A management-level position will require a different video than an entry-level opportunity.  

2. Job Preferences

It’s not just important to provide information about what employers want, but you should also display the preferences that you want in your next job. The preferences section of your job seeker profile allows you to filter your search to jobs that make up your ideal role.

Here you can include information about the following:  

  • Salary – Add your desired minimum compensation for both salary and hourly positions.  
  • Values – Including the principles and values that you believe best define you. Select from the available options which could include terms like performance, collaboration, and innovation.  
  • Perks and Benefits – It is important that you display compensation requirements aside from salary. This would include company perks such as commuter benefits, dental insurance, or retirement planning.  

3. Personal Statement

Just like the video, the personal statement offers you another channel to represent who you are and who you want to be. This provides the employer with a sense of the experiences and career goals you want to share.  

The personal statement section of your profile contains different formatting options to ensure your statement looks clean and professional. It’s important to use this channel to discuss your personal and professional history, future goals, as well as anything unique about you that is not necessarily represented in your resume. 

4. Work Experience

Your past work experience is one of the strongest indicators that employers use to determine whether you qualify or not for their jobs. It is extremely important to include work experience on your personal profile to complement the resume you uploaded.  

This section of your job seeker profile allows you to include relevant information about your previous employers. This includes your position title, the organization you worked for, and the dates you worked.  

Whether you have 20 years of work experience or no experience at all, it is important to use this section to your advantage.

5. Recommended Jobs

Make searching for jobs even easier for yourself by turning on recommended jobs after you have filled out all of your information. You will receive personalized daily emails with jobs that match your profile.

Once you are logged into your profile, simply click on your name at the top right corner, and go to account settings. Turn on the notifications you would like to receive, including the “Recommended Jobs Alerts” toggle at the bottom of the section.

Boost your profile today with Hcareers!

All of these opportunities to boost your profile contribute to your profile completeness. To ensure that employers have as much information about you as a candidate, spend the time to bring your profile to 100% complete.