What Benefits do Job Seekers and Employees Want?
Hcareers / MARCH 18 2021

COVID-19 changed the way we work and what we prioritize more than ever. Job seekers and employees are taking into consideration what benefits are being offered and what the workplace culture looks like to decide whether to take an opportunity or to look for a new one. Employers need to consider this more than ever as they rebuild their hiring strategies for the post-COVID world we are heading into slowly. 

According to a 2020 survey conducted by Mercer, 48% of companies are still monitoring the situation before deciding to adjust benefits.  

Remote work

For those hospitality positions that are able to work remotely, such as corporate staff, employers should continue allowing the flexibility to do so. It will not only open the positions up to more candidates but increase employee retention for those roles because childcare or moving won’t be as big of a factor for candidates anymore.

With the current information we have for workplace safety and vaccination distribution, 47% of companies from all industries are planning to allow employees to work remotely, but expect them to return onsite when it is deemed safe, but 25% will allow workers to remain remote through the end of the year.

Healthcare options 

In a previous survey we conducted, 59% of our audience indicated that healthcare benefits will be more important for them when they are looking for a new opportunity. 

Healthcare has been the most important topic of the past year during the pandemic and employees want the best they can have access to through their employers. 32% of companies mentioned looking into expanding virtual or telehealth programs available and 25% are going to look into enhancing mental health support options. 

Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

More employers are putting forth efforts to recruit, hire and advance diverse candidates into their workforce, and also to amplify diverse voices from their team.

Employers should include diverse voices in their decisions and communicate their plans and efforts towards increasing diversity throughout the workplace. Creating groups or distributing resources, such as Hilton’s Team Member Resource groups for employees of similar backgrounds. 

Professional Development Opportunities

54.5% of respondents to one of our previous surveys also answered they would like their employers to provide opportunities to upgrade or refresh their skills. This is the chance for employers to provide new training for employees to learn a new department or look for partnerships that will teach new skills. 

They can offer more training on communicating more efficiently with guests and staff, and also offer training to managers and senior leaders to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

34% of our audience mentioned that subpar benefits will be something job seekers are looking out for when considering new opportunities, therefore companies should make sure to re-evaluate the benefits they are planning on offering and how they can recruit and retain employees through those offered benefits. Keep in mind that 63% also mentioned that low pay is top of their list, so finding a way to increase both will almost guarentee attracting and retaining top talent.